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MyClin is a system for doctor and patient communication using our concept of WebClinics instead of Websites. You can simply have your WebClinic ready in less than 30 minutes.

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Make huge savings in time, effort and money with an all in MyClin system that improves your online communication, presence and trust and help you increase your revinue.

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    An amazing system, very easy to use, saved me a lot of time and gave me control of every important aspect of my Online presence and communication. I would recommend this to any health care professional who wants to communicate with his clients and have a great work life balance.

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    A Web Clinic is an easy to setup, dynamic system for healthcare professional to manage their online presence in a practical way with the needed tools for online clinic presence, social media managment, email marketing , Medical articla creation, automated patient replies and even an Online live streaming Studio for social media.

    Medical websites are usually designed to provide information and need a web developer for maintenance and update of information.
    Web Clinics are clutter free and are designed for functionality. All the main functions for booking, queries and information are clear for patients.
    All Data are dynamic and can be autmatically changed and updated easily by the doctor from one control panel. No need for a web developer. A Web Clinic also have additional functions that suits modern era with social media managment tools and an online Live streaming Studio.

    Live streaming can be done by a social media platform. However a Live stream studio has unique features that makes your live stream quite professional and reach more audience. You can simply add your branding to your studio, use ready made design for a better professional look, broadcast to multiple platforms (e.g. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok) at the same from one source. You can also see all the comments from different platforms in one place and display them on screen whilst broadcasting. The studio provides you with a crucial function like inviting multiple guests during the online streaming and presenting them with your titles.